Now Available at Portage Bay Goods, Seattle

If ever there was a more fitting environment for our robots and monsters, I can’t think of what it would be. No doubt they are right now enjoying the company of countless other robots, monsters, dinosaurs, kitties, birdies, glow worms and space ship captains. I picture this store coming alive at night just like in Toy Story.

The lovely ladies at Seattle’s Portage Bay Goods have graciously taken us into their fold of curated, quirky, adorable nonsense. This happens to be one of my favorite last-minuted gift-buying stops, and after perusing their website, I found that that is exactly their intent: Last minute gifts with lots of personality. Thanks for saving my bacon more than once in that regard!

They are located in Fremont, directly across the street from the often-decorated bus stop sculpture. Check ‘em out – tell them we sent you, and say “hi” to the friendly little pooch while you’re there.

Photos shamelessly stolen from Google. Thanks, Google.

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