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2 Annoying iOS 12 Bugs That Are Still Not Fixed


It is almost 5 months since Apple released iOS 12. It has been one of the best iOS software updates, but it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any bugs.

Apple has released 6 software updates for iOS 12 to not only add new features and improvements but also to fix several bugs including the shocking FaceTime privacy bug that allowed someone to eavesdrop on a conversation by just making a Group FaceTime call even before they answer.

2 Annoying iOS 12 Bugs That Are Still Not Fixed

There are still two iOS 12 bugs that are extremely annoying that are yet to be fixed.

Copy link from the Share Sheet

If you try to copy the link by tapping on the Share Sheet in the mobile Safari browser, and tapping Copy, doesn’t copy the link. The only way to copy the link is to highlight in the address bar and then copy it or to share the link directly in the relevant app.

I have noticed this issue in other apps as well. It is very annoying as I share links quite a lot.

Cursor disappears when you switch back and forth between apps

I end up writing quite a bit on my iPad Pro these days. I use apps like Evernote or WordPress in Safari. However, one annoying issue that I have noticed recently is that the cursor disappears when you switch to an app and switch back, making it difficult to figure out where I am in the app.

The only workaround is to switch to another note and switch back to the one I was writing in case of the Evernote app.

In the case of WordPress, I need to save the post and open it again. I find it extremely annoying as it is a major productivity killer.

I face these issues both on the iPad Pro and the iPhone XS Max. But the second one is not such a big issue on the iPhone XS Max as I don’t write a lot on it.

I hope Apple fixes these annoying iOS 12 bugs. Have you noticed these iOS 12 bugs? Let us know what is your most annoying iOS bug that has still not been fixed.

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