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Apple Adding 1,200 New Tech Jobs to San Diego, CA Starting Later This Year


Apple touts its jobs numbers whenever it gets a chance, especially as it relates to developers. But of course, its retail and other hubs make a huge impact on that number as well.

And Apple is adding even more this year. Company spokespeople and San Diego’s mayor confirmed on Wednesday that it will be adding 1,200 new jobs in San Diego, California starting later this year. As a result of the new jobs, Apple will position San Diego as a primary hub for its engineering efforts, both software and hardware. (Related: Apple has been on a hiring spree for software engineers as of late.)

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, said he is proud of the presence the company will have in San Diego moving forward:

“Apple has been a part of San Diego for nearly 20 years through our retail presence and small, fast-growing teams – and with this new investment we are proud to play an even greater part in the city’s future. You don’t have to try too hard to convince people that San Diego is a great place to live, work and do business, and we’re confident our employees will have a great home among the community there.”

At the time of publication there is no specific word just yet on where this new hub will be located. However, KGTV out of San Diego believes the company is looking at a specific building that is located just southwest of Qualcomm’s main building in that region.

This announcement is a continuation of one Apple made in late 2018. Apple is looking to launch job opportunities across the United States. That includes a $1 billion new campus in Austin, Texas. As for these jobs, Apple will start to add the engineers later this year, with the first 200 expected to start work before the end of 2019.

[via KGTV; SD Gov]

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