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New 7th Gen iPod Touch Icon Discovered in iOS 12.2 Beta 4 With Full Screen Design


A new system icon discovered in iOS 12.2 beta 4 points to Apple working on a new 7th generation iPod Touch with a full screen display. The new system icon is found alongside the older iPod Touch icon.

The existing 6th gen iPod Touch system icon is named ‘HLSipod’ while the one for the 7th gen iPod touch is ‘HLSipod2.’ The 7th gen iPod Touch system icon features a bezel-less look minus the home button.

I was doing some coding in iOS 12.2 Beta 4. I cracked this here on what a new iPod touch 7th generation could look like. HLipod is the 6th generation HLipod2 is a unreleased generation. *Notice no home button and it looks to be a full screen display.* @OnLeaks @stroughtonsmith

— Johnathan Mitchell (@jaymit2090tx13) March 8, 2019

Apple is rumored to be working on an updated 7th gen iPod Touch with upgraded internals. There’s no word on whether it will come with a new design or not and what internals it will pack. There have been no concrete leaks around the 7th gen iPod Touch except for some rumors so at this point it is difficult to say on what one should expect from it.

Given that the demand for iPod Touch is barely there, it is likely that the 7th gen refresh is going to be on the modest side. I doubt we are going to see Apple unveil a completely new iPod touch with brand new design and internals as powerful as the one found on the iPhone X or iPhone XS.

Apple had last updated the iPod Touch in 2015 with an A8 chip, 128GB storage, and more.

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