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6 Things Apple Killed in the New MacBook Pro


The life of a Mac power user is about get tougher. With the new MacBook Pros finally here, we’ve entered a transitional phase. Where we go from last gen ports to buying USB-C adaptors for everything to finally the time where everything comes with a USB-C port. But that’s still far out.

Till then, let’s talk about how Apple killed a handful of beloved icons and technologies in the span of their 90 minute “Hello Again” MacBook Pro keynote.

1. MagSafe Connector

This removal makes me the saddest. MagSafe is an amazing technology. One that solved an obvious problem in a delightful manner. Now, when your toddler walks over your charging cable, it’s going to bring the $1799 MacBook Pro crashing to the ground, instead of just yanking off the MagSafe connector. A just price for reversible, omnipotent, tiny USB-C cable based charing? I don’t know, you tell me.

2. Backlit Apple Logo

Another icon lost. The illuminated Apple logo is a staple of hip americana. From being at every table at the Starbucks next door to being in ever TV show you can think of. That illuminated Apple logo is now gone, replaced by the anodised aluminium logo from the MacBook. Consolation price? This new is at least shiny. So it retains some of the “look at me!” appeal at least.

3. The Classic USB Port

The big old USB ports are gone. Instead, there are 4 USB-C ports. This means you won’t be able to connect an external hard drive or a thumb drive directly to your MacBook.

This also means there’s no direct way to charge your iPhone using the MacBook Pro. Well, without an adaptor that is.

4. SD Card Reader

Apple killed a MacBook Pro feature that photographers rely on

— Mashable (@mashable) October 28, 2016

The next DSLR you buy better have Wi-Fi it it. Or consider buying those Wi-Fi enabled SD cards (like I am). Because in the future, there are no SD cards and no SD card readers.

5. Plastic Hinges

The new hinges in the MacBook Pros are much less pronounced and a part of the MacBook Pro’s screen panel itself. This means the dark, protruding plastic hinges from the last generation Retina MacBook Pros are a thing of the past.

6. Power Adapter Extension Cable


The new MacBook Pro models do not come with Apple’s Power Adapter Extension Cable in the box just like the 12-inch MacBook. Apple has included the extension cable, which provides extra length between the power brick and wall outlet, for several years now. Unfortunately, you will now have to purchase it for $19.

11-inch MacBook Air and Non-Retina MacBook Pro

Once the “Hello Again” keynote was done, Apple has silently said goodbye to two MacBooks. The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro (good riddance!) and the 11-inch MacBook Air (aww).

For the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it was just a waiting game, after all, it’s essentially a 5-year-old notebook. The 11 inch MacBook Air was a more of a shock. It was the cheapest MacBook available. It was small, cute, yet powerful.

But Apple clearly wants to push the 12 inch MacBook for anyone who wants a small, super portable laptop. Also, now that the 13 inch MacBook Pro is gone, no MacBooks (or Macs for that matter), now have an optical SuperDrive.

Not All Is Gone

The headphone jack is still there (unsurprisingly).

So are the last gen 13 inch and 15 in MacBook Pros. Surprisingly, and depressingly, at the same price point. So if you’re not ready to jump to the USB-C, dongle laden, Touch Bar touting future, there’s something for you as well.

Apple Kills. First.

Apple is known to be ruthless when it comes to saying goodbye to older technologies. And for the betterment of technology and in the end, all of us, that’s a good thing.

Living with USB-C adaptors is going to be tough, but it’s the only way we’ll ever get to a place where literally everything is USB-C connected and you can plug anything anywhere. Or maybe, no need to plug anything at all.

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