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Improve Smartphone Streaming With This Genius Magnifying Stand [Deals Hub]


We all do our fair share of streaming movies and TV shows straight from our phone. And though it’s easy and convenient, it’s not always ideal to watch things on such a small screen. Let Screen Magnifying Phone Mount make watching more enjoyable by magnifying your phone’s screen 3x. This ingenious idea for a smartphone mount typically retails for $39.99, but is currently on sale in the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub for 57% off at just $16.99.

Who wants to watch the latest action flick on a tiny smartphone screen? The Screen Magnifying Phone Mount not only conveniently holds your smartphone in place, it also magnifies it to a size that’s three times bigger than normal. Watch the latest release larger and hands free, or just settle in and enjoy your latest binge-worthy Netflix series in a much more enjoyable size. And the Screen Magnifying Phone Mount isn’t just great for streaming — but all of your phone uses will benefit from this magnifying mount. Surf the web and view your texts easier as well, thanks to the amplified size.

The Screen Magnifying Phone Mount will improve your streaming smartphone experience instantly. Pick it up today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $16.99.

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