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Prevent The Dreaded Dead Battery With This Powerbar [Deals Hub]


We’ve all been there — at the worst possible moment your battery dies. Whether it’s your phone, your laptop or your tablet, a dead battery can be a serious buzzkill. Fortunately, there’s a new gadget on the scene that works to prevent these terrible moments — the Swisstek Powerbar, and it’s on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $106.24 with limited time promo code: SEMIANNUAL. That’s 54% off the normal price of $229.99.

The Swisstek Powerbar aims to keep all of your gadgets conveniently powered up, no matter where you are. It’s a must have if you’re like most of the world, constantly on-the-go. Just pop it in your bag ahead of a long work day, or stick in your suitcase ahead of an important business trip. Even if you work from home and are a homebody, the Swisstek Powerbar could come in serious handy in an emergency where you lose power and need to stay connected. This ingenious charging solution has enough juice to get you electronics powered back up and running. It has a 40,000 mAh capacity and three outputs, so you can actually power up multiple items at a time. There’s a spot for a Micro USB Cable, an AC Power Cable and a USB-C Cable, so Swisstek Powerbar is ready for pretty much any gadget.

Don’t be stuck with a dead battery. Grab the Swisstek Powerbar today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $106.24 with promo code: SEMIANNUAL.

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