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Deal: eero WiFi Mesh Router Discounted by $100 to $299


In the market for a new Wi-Fi mesh system? Eero has discounted its Wi-Fi mesh system by $100 to celebrate the official closing of Amazon’s eero acquisition.

A Wi-Fi mesh system from eero compromising of one router and 2 eero beacons usually retails for $399. However, it is currently discounted by $100 to $299. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering that eero’s Wi-Fi mesh routers are considered among the best in the market and this particular model is good enough to cover an area of up to 3,500 sq. ft.

The 3 eeros setup which is recommended for 3-5 bedroom homes is down to $399 from its original price of $499. Even the basic 1 eero + 1 eero beacon setup has been discounted by $100 to $199. The sale is only for today so make sure to pull the trigger as soon as possible.

Amazon had announced earlier this month that it would be acquiring Eero. Many eero owners were worried about what this would mean for their privacy, though eero has clarified on Twitter that none of the companies will track their users’ internet activity.

Hi Steve! eero and Amazon take customer privacy very seriously and we will continue to protect it. eero does not track customers’ internet activity and this policy will not change with the acquisition.

— eero support 👋 (@eerosupport) February 11, 2019

That should help keep your worries about Amazon tracking your internet history or breaching your privacy at bay. If you have been facing Wi-Fi troubles and poor range despite a solid internet connection, I’d say you should definitely pull the trigger on this deal and bid adieu to any kind of Wi-Fi woes for the foreseeable future.

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