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Apple Highlights Face ID and iOS 12 in New ‘Why iPhone?’ Ads


Apple has shared a trio of new iPhone videos highlighting Face ID, iOS 12, and how it recycles old smartphones in the most environmentally safe way possible.

All the three ads have been shared by Apple as a part of its “There’s more to iPhone” marketing campaign. All three ads are less than 15 seconds long.

In the Face ID ad, Apple highlights how Face ID does not store a photo of one’s face but only a mathematical representation of it for optimum security. This ensures that no one is ever able to create a representation of your face from the data stored on your iPhone even if it ever leaks in a worst-case scenario.

The iOS 12 advert highlights how it makes even old iPhones faster. I can’t help but feel that the iOS 12 ad is a bit too late to the game now.

In the ‘Smartphone Recycling’ ad, Apple highlights that it recycles all smartphones even if they are not an iPhone.

iPhone is more than the device in your hand. It’s made up of every decision we take. From the energry source we use, to the way we protect your data, right up to how we responsibly recycle its tiniest components.

Apple has been highlighting various iPhone features as a part of its “There’s more to iPhone” campaign. It even has a dedicated page for the “Why iPhone?” question where it highlights the various strengths of an iPhone.

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