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Up Your DJ Game With This Mac Software Bundle [Deals Hub]


Ready to make some music? The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle includes software aimed at making you a mixmaster anytime and anywhere. These three different programs would typically run you $198.99, but with this bundle they’re currently on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for 75% off at just $49.

The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle includes everything you need to make music and bring the party to life. Cross DJ gives you the essential features of professional PJ software, including a powerful BPM detection algorithm, finding and syncing the BPM of your tracks, controlling the key of your tracks with key detection and key matching, the ability to tweak your mix with 14 different audio effects and much more. The best part? It’s supported by all major platforms — including iOS, Android macOS and Windows.

After creating your music, let Remixvideo add some visuals. There’s a user-friendly grid of video loops to choose from to help you pick the perfect visual for your soundtrack. Adjust your visuals with 18 real-time video FX or even blend them together with 7 mixing modes. There’s also 144 free VJ loops and 36 HQ audio samples to let you expand your creativity even further.

Finally, Remixlive lets you remix and sample music right there in the moment thanks to its all-in-one tool that lets you bring together synced loops, responsive finger drumming, live recording capabilities and much more. Play Remixlive like it’s your very own instrument and make your own beats to create richer, more layered tracks people won’t hear anywhere else.

Liven up with life by creating a little music with the Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle. Pick it up today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $48.99.

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