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Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Reveals Support for AirPower Wireless Charging Mat


Back in 2017, Apple unveiled its first wireless charging mat, AirPower. At the time, Apple kept a lot of the important details close to the vest, including a price point and a launch date. Since then, the company has gone dark on the subject.

Initial rumors suggested the accessory could cost $199. After that, rumors swirled that Apple was planning an early 2018 launch. Here we are in early 2019 and the wireless charging mat is still a no-show. But iOS 12.2 code could suggest a change is coming. As was first reported on Tuesday by 9to5Mac, code within the sixth developer beta of iOS 12.2 reveals support for AirPower.

The code reveals support for the accessory, including identifying two different devices charging on the mat at the same time. Support within the latest developer (and public) beta of iOS suggests that Apple is planning on launching the product soon. However, it still does not give us an exact date at this point. And we still don’t know how much Apple is planning on charging for AirPower, either.

Could Apple be planning on launching AirPower this week? Maybe! Apple has been on a bit of a tear already announcing new products. On Monday the company officially announced a pair of new iPads. And today, Apple announced new iMacs. Word on the street is that Apple is going to announce a new, seventh-generation iPod touch on Wednesday. That still leaves Thursday and Friday to fill out, and AirPower would certainly fit the bill for a new product worthy of getting a launch day of its own.

Are you still planning on buying an AirPower wireless charging mat when Apple finally launches it?

[via 9to5Mac]

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