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Amazon Unveils Brand New Entry-Level Kindle With a Built-In Front Light


Some higher-end models of the Kindle eReader lineup feature a light, and now the entry-level family is getting in on the fun, too.

On Wednesday, Amazon officially unveiled a brand new entry-level Kindle eReader. This has a slight change in design, but the major new addition is the inclusion of a built-in front light. This means you will be able to read your book or magazine in the dark. But Amazon is making reading on the new digital readier easier in general, too. The display has been updated with new e-ink technology to improve contrast and capacitive touch capabilities. That should prevent accidental swipes.

As for the design, the new entry-level Kindle features more rounded corners. The new entry-level Kindle also supports Audible audiobooks, support for Bluetooth headphones, and other Amazon services like Whispersync, Smart Lookup, X-Ray, and more.

The all-new entry-level Kindle is available to pre-order beginning today. It starts at $89.99 for the Special Offers version, which will show ads on the lock screen. To go without special offers, the new Kindle will cost $109.99. It’s available in black and white models.

The last new Kindle to join Amazon’s family of eReaders was a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. That device’s major new addition was its waterproof design. That device starts at $149, though, so don’t expect a waterproof design with this new entry-level model.

What do you think of Amazon’s new Kindle?

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