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Android Q to feature integration for 3D Touch-like functionality called ‘Deep Press’


Android Phones have had long-press features for a while now, but iOS users will tell you, that they’re nothing like Apple’s 3D Touch.

With Android Q, Google is planning to borrow a number of features that have illuded the Android OS (including proper gestures) and this now includes a version of 3D Touch, which Google is referring to as “Deep Press”.

The Google Pixel 3 XL. Image: tech2/Prannoy Palav

As first spotted by 9to5Google, it seems we can add another feature to the list of items that continue to blur the line between Android and iOS. According to documentation related to the “MotionEvent” function on Android Q, there will be support for something called “deep press” in the future version of the mobile operating system.

The documentation says that “the current event stream represents the user intentionally pressing harder on the screen,” and that deep press should “be used to accelerate the long press behavior.” In other words, “deep press” is a function which allows unique responses to occur when a user presses down on the display harder than usual.

However, just because Android Q supports deep press doesn’t really mean too much for now, as you would also need specialised hardware to implement something like this. If Android Q supports it right out of the box, though, it’s a very good bet that hardware manufacturers will respond to that.

It’s also possible deep press could make its debut in the Google Pixel 4, which is expected in October.

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