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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s hinge opening shown to be a major flaw in iFixit teardown


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a device that has been plagued with bad reviews from the getgo. After news emerged that quite a few review units had broken or had stopped working, Samsung has indefinitely delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Now an iFixit teardown has revealed what exactly was wrong with the Fold.

The 7 mm opening in the Galaxy Fold. iFixit

As per a report by iFixit, Samsung has spent a lot of time making the hinge mechanism on the Fold to be durable. However, there appears to be no protection on the hinge to stop the entry of debris or any other foreign object inside the phone. Due to the delicate nature of the flexible OLED panel, there was a significant risk that dust or debris could render the screen unusable and that is exactly what happened.

Many reviewers including The Verge’s Dieter Bohn and YouTuber MrMobile, saw some foreign object enter the hinge and in the case of The Verge, the screen got damaged. However, iFixit has said that apart from this issue, the hinge is quite robust. Even so, Samsung has failed to notice a roughly 7 mm opening on the hinge which is quite a big opening for letting dust in and damaging the phone.

Samsung’s problems with its yet to be released Galaxy Fold will remind many of the Galaxy Note 7, a smartphone that was eventually taken off store shelves and recalled from customers because of battery issues.

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