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Redmi Note 7 goes to space, clicks photos, and survives a 35,000 meter drop


While durability tests for smartphones are nothing new, this particular test appears to be at the extreme end of the spectrum. We had seen earlier how Vivo tested the durability of NEX’s (Review) pop-out camera by having a 60-kg ballerina dance on a glass pane supported by 9 NEX devices. Now we see that Xiaomi has actually sent a Redmi Note 7 (Note 7 Pro in India) in space and dropped it from a height of 35 km above sea level.

Redmi Note 7 Pro.

As per a Weibo post, the Redmi Note 7 was sent into space using a weather ball which took the phone to a height of 35,375 meters where the temperature was as low as -58 °C. The balloon then popped at the height and the phone dropped into the middle of a field, and it survived the fall. And yes, it had a parachute.

Of course, the phone wasn’t sent up just as is. It was attached to a special frame designed by Xiaomi to withstand the low temperatures. The rig also had GPS trackers embedded in the frame which gave the team the location of the device once it fell.

After the fall, Xiaomi researchers inspected the device and it was shown to work perfectly and also had nearly 50 percent battery left. Of course, this was a phone placed in a protective frame and dropped via parachute.

The entire video can be viewed here and we see the photos snapped by the Redmi Note 7 which are surely going to derail flat earthers and their theories.

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