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Mark Zuckerberg turns 35: Here’s wishing him happy birthday with these hilarious memes


From being the ‘nerd’ in Harvard dormitories to owning and running the biggest technology company in the world, Mark Zuckerberg has most definitely come a long way. Now, our young little Zucky is 35, he has done and seen a lot (A LOT) in the past few years; he made Facebook, he allowed data from millions of accounts to be leaked, he made a lot of money (with our data??), and he gave us a lot of content for memes! And so, what would be a better way to wish him a happy birthday if not with the most hilarious memes the internet came up with.


The moment when Mark Zuckerberg tries to make a joke about privacy and nobody laughs:

— Ryan Negri (@RyanNegri) April 30, 2019

Can you see Mark Zuckerberg as the Thanos of our planet? Just asking!

Mark Zuckerberg makes a #Facebook privacy joke.

— Brett Shavers 🙄 (@Brett_Shavers) May 1, 2019

In general, too, Mark Zuckerberg’s actions are a life lesson.

me when I realize my actions have a consequence

— Amber Discko (@amberdiscko) April 10, 2018

Jon may know nothing, but Zuckerberg…

The truth behind Facebook’s use of private data.
😉#Zuckerberg #FacebookDataLeaks #CambridgeAnalytics #CambridgeAnalytica #ChristopherWylie #Brexit #FBPE

— Monty Boa (@MontyBoa99) April 11, 2018


The Zuckerberg memes are just on point.

— Matthew Odinson (@Jaigeyes_) April 11, 2018

Commander Data, is that you?

Had to.

— Kim Visnes (@Visnes) April 10, 2018

BTW, Zuckerberg comes with Smile Control Settings. If you don’t believe me, then what’s this?

Adjusting settings

Also, would you eat that?

Mark Zuckerburger

But the most epic of all, is this kickass morph-meme my colleague just made!

Image: tech2/Anirudh Regidi

Also, let’s not be too harsh on him. Because…

Image: Reddit

Ok bye, you have been…

He’s at it again…

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