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Facebook’s request to dismiss lawsuit regarding data breach of 30 mn users rejected


Facebook’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it for a data breach that affected nearly 30 million has been rejected by a US court. The claim was dismissed by Judge William Alsup in San Francisco and he deemed the Facebook was negligent and failed to secure users’ data which is why the should move”with alacrity” towards trial.

Stickers bearing the Facebook logo are pictured at Facebook Inc’s F8 developers conference in San Jose, California. REUTERS/Stephen

As per a report in Seeking Alpha, Turkey’s Personal Data Protection Authority has already fined Facebook 1.65 million Liras (approx Rs 2 crore) over the data breach which happened in September last year. Facebook has admitted that hackers exploited three bugs to steal the personal details of nearly 50 million users worldwide, a figure which was later adjusted to 30 million.

According to the report, Facebook was said to fail for timely intervention and to take proper technical and administrative measures during the 12-day existence of the bug last September. The bug was present in the photo API which allowed third-party users to access photos of Facebook users.

The social media giant is also facing hefty fines to the tune of nearly $3 billion from the US FTC due to its mismanagement of user data. The investigation by the FTC was a result of the massive Cambridge Analytica scandal that put nearly 87 million users’ data at risk.

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