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Twitter tests desktop redesign with trends on the right and navigation pane on the left


Twitter has been tinkering around with its desktop interface to simplify it from the existing, clunky design. Rather than the single column of the timeline that keeps scrolling down endlessly, the redesign is dividing the interface to a simpler three-column approach.

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In the new redesign that hasn’t been rolled out to everyone, it places the ‘Trends for you’ panel on the right above the ‘Who to follow’ panel. Whereas the navigation panel with the menu is present on the left. In the design that’s currently available for the majority of the users has the navigation or menu panel on the top. The new design will make bookmarks and lists easier to access than the previous one.

A spokesperson from Twitter spoke to Techcrunch and confirmed that the company has been experimenting with new subtle design changes. However, there’s no specific date to when it’s going to be rolled out.

Twitter redesign.

Recently, Twitter posted a tweet saying that it was also thinking of trying to introduce an easier way to access its Lists feature. Lists allowed users to create their own custom timelines with a desired set of accounts. Users didn’t even have to follow these accounts and having a separate custom timeline kept the main timeline clutter-free.

The three-column design approach isn’t publicly available for now. However, our official verified Tech2 Twitter account does reflect the new UI changes. Since only the middle column with the timeline scrolls down, it’s easier to switch between different menus including notifications, messages, bookmarks, lists, profile and more, while being able to browse through the trending topics. All of this can be done without having to scroll back to the top of the timeline.

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