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On International Asteroid Day, take this quiz to test your knowledge about near-Earth objects


International Asteroid Day is observed on 30 June every year to spread awareness about asteroids and their potential to cause serious damage to Earth.

Near-Earth objects (NEOs), which comprise asteroids or comets, pose catastrophic threat to Earth as their orbits bring them close to our planet. In 2016, the United Nations officially designated Asteroid Day as the international day of awareness and education about the asteroid impact hazard.

According to, members of the asteroid community released a petition in 2014 for public support to launch education programmes for awareness about asteroids. They also called on governments to accelerate the funding of asteroid discovery programs. “Today, this petition, the 100X Asteroid Declaration, has been signed by hundreds of prominent individuals around the world, including leaders in science, technology, and business, and more than 125 astronauts,” reads the website.

Take the following quiz to test your knowledge about asteroids:

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