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Google gets the go ahead to provide Huawei with Android license after restrictions lift


Less than 24 hours later after US President Donald Trump withdrew restrictions on Huawei, Google has been given the nod to give Huawei the Android license back. This means that Google can now provide security updates and also run its services on Huawei and also Honor devices.

Huawei signage are pictured at a mobile phone shop in Singapore. Image: Reuters.

“While it’s unclear whether that extends to the 5G network technology that Huawei is developing, it most certainly applies to Google and Android,” a report by PC World said.

While the previous restrictions placed Huawei under the intense pressure of creating its own OS to counter Android, the relaxation means that it may not have to work full-tilt on the project. This removal of the restrictions also means several other companies such as Corning, ARM, Intel, Microsoft and more should also be renewing ties with Huawei.

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Earlier Huawei had confirmed that its sub-brand Honor 20-series will be getting Android Q updates. The company also mentioned that all the Honor smartphones and tablet users will continue to receive security patches and Android updates. The Google Play store will also be accessible to users owning Honor smartphones or are planning to buy one in the near future.

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