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How to collect Amazon Prime Day cashback offers


Amazon Prime Day is the e-commerce giant’s version of a Black Friday sale where you can get products for extremely low prices. However, this sale is exclusive only for Prime members. But don’t worry because even if you are not an Amazon Prime member the company has got you covered. During Amazon Prime Day, buyers can enroll themselves as Prime Members and can get cashback. Here are the steps on how you can get this cashback. One noteworthy thing here is, buyers can get this cashback offers till 13 July only.

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How to collect Amazon Prime Day Cashback offers

Step 1: Open Amazon official website and click on Prime Day sale advertisement or click on “Prime Day Cashback offers

Step 2: Now Click on the “Join Prime”

Step 3: Fill up all the necessary details, once you have done that go back to the “Prime Day cashback offers” page

Step 4: You will have to do any of the one actions from the list of offers provided below such as—Recharge your phone, shop beauty products, shop video games and so on

Step 5: Once you do that, you will get a confirmation message on the registered phone number or email ID

Step 6: You will get cash back in your Amazon Pay wallet according to the offer that you chose

Step 7: During the Prime Day sale on 15-16 July, you can use this cashback to buy stuff

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