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Apple supposedly working on a foldable iPad featuring 5G support for 2020


Rumours suggest that Apple might be working on a new foldable iPad for 2020. It’s said to support 5G network connectivity and come equipped with a screen size of a MacBook.

The 2018 Apple iPad Pro. Image: tech2

The rumour comes from China’s Economic Daily News where IHS Markit researcher Jeff Lin is expecting the foldable iPad to arrive so that it could compete with a speculated release of a dual-screen Microsoft Surface. He adds that this could go on to impact the supply chain because of the surge in the number of components.

Without mentioning much about his source, Lin additionally revealed that the iPad will be powered by one of Apple’s A-series processors. There’s no clarity on the actual size of this foldable iPad or the size of the MacBook on which it would be based on.

None of the current Apple devices supports 5G connectivity. However, the upcoming lineup of iPhones will probably support 5G and considering that the speculation suggests this foldable iPad with 5G capability is coming out in 2020, it still makes sense for Apple’s tablet segment to get a 5G update.

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