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Google is reportedly testing a play/pause button for the Chrome browser toolbar


It is quite irritating when you have a lot of tabs opened on the Chrome browser and you try to figure out which tab is playing the audio. Earlier you had to spot a speaker icon next to the tab that is playing audio and then turn off the music or switch to the next song. Now, this process is reportedly going to get shorter.

Google. Image: tech2

First spotted by ZDnet and Techdows, Google is apparently testing out a new play button for its Chrome browser which will let you mute/ change tracks of any audio that is playing in the background without having to leave the current tab you are working on.

The feature is being called Global Media Controls and to access the feature you will need to download  Chrome’s Development browser, Canary. Once the feature has been enabled, you will be able to see a small tab open next to the URL field which will highlight what is playing even if it’s on a different tab.

It is right now not apparent whether this feature will find its way to the main Chrome browser but Google has been implementing these little features to help you identify which tabs are producing audio. There was the above-mentioned speaker icon on tabs which were playing audio along with the ability to mute the said tab.

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