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Spotify reveals listeners’ favourite tracks from the Netflix-original Stranger Things


It was just yesterday when Stranger Things season 3 aired on Netflix and viewers are already going gaga about it. Since the music in the show makes it even more interesting, Spotify has curated a different playlist of tracks for the series. As per a report by music streaming platform, Spotify, listeners have spent more than 17 million hours streaming the show related music on the app.

The most popular song in this playlist is The Clash’s 1981 hit “Should I Stay or I Should I Go”. The report also stated that the global streams of this song went up to 30 percent in two weeks after Stranger Things was premiered back on 15 July 2016 when compared to the two weeks before.

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The report also suggests that there are over 3,500 playlists made by the listeners under the name The Upside Down. The Upside Down is the name of the theme song of the show and is composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

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15 Stranger Things dedicated podcasts are also available on Spotify and as per the report, the listeners have spent more than 4.6 thousand hours listening to them. If we talk about the most popular among these podcasts—it is the “The Stranger Things Podcast” by Addi and Darrell Darnell.

Popular songs and albums in the show related series also include Africa by Toto, Kids by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, Every Breath You Take by The Police and so on. Stranger Danger – A Stranger Things Podcast by Fans not Experts, Dungeons and Demogorgons – A Stranger Things Podcast by Bald Move and Stranger Things Reviews and After Show by AfterBuzz TV are a few podcasts that have a majority of the listeners are hooked to.

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