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Facebook could add a ‘Report’ button in the message context menu of Messenger


Facebook could be fiddling with the idea of adding a new ‘Report’ button into the message context menu in Messenger, to help users report individual entries in a conversation.

Reverse engineering expert and app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, revealed this new possible update on her Twitter account with a screenshot revealing the inclusion of a ‘Report’ button in a beta build of the app.

Wong, however, does not find any clues to suggest that Facebook will be adding the button to Messenger anytime soon. While there hasn’t been much to dive into just yet, the feature will certainly help Messenger users report individual messages from a conversation instead of having to report the entire conversation.

Facebook Messenger is testing(?) Report button in message context menu

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) July 8, 2019

The inclusion of a report button within the app should also ensure a more prompt action from Facebook’s end since moderators won’t have to work through the entire conversation to find out why the user was reported. The feature should also come handy while reporting a particular message within a group.

Facebook, given their current state, will very likely take to their Newsroom to announce the inclusion of a Report button to Messenger, so we will keep you in the loop when the feature does roll-out to users.

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