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Samsung Galaxy Fold spotted being openly used in a Delhi metro ahead of relaunch: Report


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is yet to be made official but strangely enough, the phone was spotted being openly used on the metro in New Delhi, suggesting Samsung’s foldable phone is being tested and may even launch in India soon.

This is news primarily because Samsung had to go back to the drawing board with the design and durability of the phone. Last we heard, Samsung was coming up with ways to improve the durability of the flexible screen, and that we might be expecting it to be relaunched as early as this month.

Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image: Samsung

The image, sent to SamMobile, clearly shows the Galaxy Fold being used out in the open. The improvements needed to fix the durability issue may be subtle, however, it’s quite impossible to tell if this is one from the first wave, or if it’s the new and improved model. Given that Samsung recalled the first lot, it is quite likely that this one belongs to the new lot.

Galaxy Fold unit seen being used openly by a passenger on the Delhi metro. Image: SamMobile

If you haven’t been following the saga very closely, the Galaxy Fold was showed off to the media late April after being announced earlier in the year. While there was no doubting the amount of effort Samsung put into making the phone a reality, reviewers who were handed out units shortly before the public launch, were quick to point out issues with the display.

As of now, Samsung doesn’t appear to be in a massive rush to launch the Galaxy Fold, especially since Huawei also pushed the launch of its foldable phone, the Mate X. However, it shouldn’t be long before we see Samsung launch the phone globally and if today’s image is anything to go by, probably in India as well.

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