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After Hongmeng, Huawei applies trademark for another mobile OS called Harmony


The recent US ban had Huawei in a spot, especially when the Android license was revoked. All its smartphones run Android operating system, and suddenly, the access to the Play Store for its smartphones was being pulled back. However, Huawei struggled through, and in a matter of days, it announced its plans about the new own operating system called Hongmeng OS. And now, a month later, reports suggest that Huawei is working on another mobile OS alongside.

Dated 12 July, 2019, Huawei filed a trademark application at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It is to register a trademark on the name Harmony, which is for a mobile operating system. As per LetsGoDigital, the application is currently under examination.

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Workers sit at the Huawei stand at the Mobile Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, 31 May, 2019. Images: Reuters

As Huawei has confirmed the news about Hongmeng, it also confirmed that it will not be rolled out in the coming months, but will be made ready for China by the end of this year. Huawei will be ready to push its own operating system (with the global moniker ArkOS) by 2020.

Although, Huawei has now announced that all the devices of recently launched Huawei 20 series will get the Android Q updates and other Honor smartphone and tablet users will get access it to Google’s Playstore.

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