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YouTube Music now lets you switch between a song and its music video with a tap


YouTube Music has rolled out a nifty new feature, which allows you to flip between the audio or video mode of a song with just a tap. That’s of course if the song’s video is available. YouTube says the feature is available for over five million songs on the platform right now.

For the songs that have a music video available, you will now see two buttons at the top of the app that say “song” and “video.” Tapping video should switch over to the song’s official music video without any hiccups or pauses. From there, if you tap on ‘song’, it will switch back to the audio-only mode and will show you the song’s cover art.

YouTube Music was just recently launched in India. Image: Tech2

The coolest thing is, that when you switch from audio to video or vice versa in the middle of the song, it will jump to the corresponding point in the video mode.


In case you don’t want the option to switch to video at all, you can head to Settings and turn off the music video option by toggling on “don’t play music videos.”

In May this year, YouTube Music also added a feature called ‘Offline Mixtapes’ that allows its users to automatically download hundreds of songs when enabled based on the music the user listens to. Soon after that, YouTube Music also added a “smart download” feature to let users save 100 to 500 songs on their device, based on user’s liked songs, favourite playlists, and other frequented albums.

YouTube Music, YouTube Premium pricing in India

  • YouTube Music Premium membership is Rs 99 per month per user. The iOS app charges Rs 129 per month per user.
  • YouTube Music Premium Family membership (up to 6 family members) is Rs 149 per month. The iOS app shows Rs 199 per month.
  • YouTube Premium is available for Rs 129 per month per user. It’s Rs 169 per month on iOS.
  • YouTube Premium Family plan (up to 6 members) is Rs 189 per month. The iOS plan is Rs 249 per month.

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