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VLC media player has a ‘critical’ security flaw that can let the hackers in


VLC Media Player is a highly popular and free media player that’s been available for a long time. Since VLC is open-source software, it is easily accessible to everyone but it turns out that there is a huge security flaw in it. According to WinFuture, German security agency CERT-Bund has found a flaw in VLC that has a vulnerability score of 9.8 making it a “critical” problem. In simple words, because of this app, hackers can install, modify, or run software on your device that too without your authorisation.

VLC AirPlay support

As per a Gizmodo report, no one has yet been affected because of it. But this does not mean, that there are not potentially vulnerable systems that can be affected anytime.

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VideoLAN also responded to these flaws publicly saying that these issues are not that big of a deal.

Hey @MITREcorp and @CVEnew , the fact that you NEVER ever contact us for VLC vulnerabilities for years before publishing is really not cool; but at least you could check your info or check yourself before sending 9.8 CVSS vulnerability publicly…

— VideoLAN (@videolan) July 23, 2019

Did you even check this?
No one can reproduce this issue here.

— VideoLAN (@videolan) July 23, 2019

VideoLAN is probably working on rectifying the flaw already. This means you still have to wait until the company releases an update. Hence, a safer option would be to switch to an alternative like Media Player Classic, MX Player, KM Player and so on.

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