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Parents Day 2019: Here’s how you can celebrate the day with WhatsApp stickers


Parents are the most important thing for a child in this world. Being a parent means nurturing and caring for your child and build a core value system so that he or she can contribute to the betterment of this world. To celebrate the hardships and challenges of this parenthood, today ie 28 July is celebrated as World Parent’s Day.

World Parent’s Day.

For everyone celebrating the day, here’s how you can use Parent’s Day-themed WhatsApp stickers to spread the cheer.

To get started, open any WhatsApp chat, tap on the emoticon icon, and then the sticker icon below. Then, next to the carousel of all your added stickers, you will see a ‘+’ icon. Hit that. Now, on the All Stickers tab, scroll down to the extreme bottom, where you will see the Get More Stickers shortcut to the Play Store.

Once you are in the store, you can search Parent’s Day stickers, which will suggest you a whole list of sticker apps. Notably, though, not all the suggestions that show up are genuine. Many of them are just apps with a bazillion ads in them, and they don’t even offer genuine stickers.

To make your job easy here is are some of the apps we found on the store that are genuine. You can look at ‘Parents Day stickers‘ and more.

Once you have chosen the app you want, install it and hit open. Launching the app will show the categories of stickers that the app offers, you can add the ones you want by tapping the ‘+’ sign next to each category.

Now, when you go back to your WhatsApp, you will see the added stickers in the carousel on top when you tap on the stickers icon.

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