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Pixel phones to soon let you trigger automatic voicemail to 911 for emergencies


Just like Apple Watch has a feature that in case of medical emergencies, sends an alert to your doctor, similarly, Google has also come up with a feature for its Pixel phones, that will automatically send voicemail to 911 in case of emergency. Let’s break it down on how it works.

This newly announced Google feature will offer you three options like “medical”, “fire” and “police”.

Image: Pixabay.

As soon as you tap one option, it will automatically connect with 911 and an automated voicemail will be sent to them informing the kind of emergency you are in with your location and a plus code. Plus code is a code that will be used by the responder to locate you easily. You will still have the option to speak to the concerned operator if you want to. This feature uses text-to-voice technology to convey the user’s message to the concerned person.

As per the company, this feature will be enrolled in the US in the coming months. They have been collecting the feedback from public safety organisations to make this feature more efficient and they can work better in collaboration with them to make people safer.

Google is also reportedly working on a paid service called Play Pass which will allow users to play paid games at a particular subscription cost. These paid games allow users to play games without any annoying advertisements popping up every now and then. The information is not yet confirmed by the company and this speculation is based on a report by Android Police that says that they have spotted screenshots from a reader about the new Google Play Pass service which is going to priced at $ 4.99 per month.

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