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Zomato under controversy for being a ‘hypocrite’, users give one star rating to app


Zomato got a lot of appreciation initially for standing up against religious discrimination when a user asked for a refund because he did not want his food to be delivered by a Muslim rider. The homegrown food delivery app was initially appreciated for its response to the user refusing the refund and stating that “Food has no religion. Food is a religion.” From celebrities to even rival company UberEats, they supported this move made by Zomato.

All of this did not last for long as an old tweet came into the spotlight where a user asked Zomato for a refund because they were wrongly charging him for non-Halal meat when he ordered for Halal meat. To this Zomato had responded saying, “We would look into this”.

Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.

— Zomato India (@ZomatoIN) July 31, 2019

Dear @ZomatoIN
JFYKI, Customers are GOD in this kind of Capitalist economy. We do not need lectures on Religion especially from a Food aggregating app.
Also, there are enough tweets showing your hypocrisy.
Hence, I have got#ZomatoUninstalled from my phone.

— Bhartiya Nilay Pandya 🇮🇳 Proud Indian (@nilay_pandya) August 1, 2019

This aggravated people and now they are tagging the platform as a “Hypocrite” with “Double standards”. This did not stop there. New tags like “#boycottzomato” and “#Uninstallzomato” are now trending on Twitter. The angry users are giving bad reviews and one-star ratings to the app on the Play Store.

Reviews on PlayStore.

To clear the air, Zomato shared an open letter saying that it is the restaurants that seek distinction and “not us as aggregator”. The letter also mentioned that “Restaurants (whether a Muslim establishment or otherwise) serving meat specifically obtain halal certification by an all-India body.”

Pic 1: Zomato’s reply when a customer wants to cancel food because it’s non-Halal.

Pic 2: Zomato’s reply when a customer wants to cancel food because delivery boy is non-Hindu in shravan month.

Why such double standards @ZomatoIN?

— Ankur Singh (@iAnkurSingh) July 31, 2019

Since UberEats backed up Zomato on this and tweeted it, people have now gone onto boycotting UberEats for this.

[email protected], we stand by you.

— Uber Eats India (@UberEats_IND) July 31, 2019

Before !
And after ! #boycottzomato #BoycottUberEats @UberEats_IND @ZomatoIN

— DarKastic Dhiraj (@Dhiraj1502) August 1, 2019

Before !
And after ! #boycottzomato #BoycottUberEats @UberEats_IND @ZomatoIN

— DarKastic Dhiraj (@Dhiraj1502) August 1, 2019

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