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Intel says it has trained more than 150,000 developers, students and professors in AI


At the Intel AI DevCamp (Intel AIDC) in Bengaluru, the company’s global AI event, an AI developer workshop gave 150 developers the opportunity to get a hands-on experience of using Intel’s hardware and software products. The company went on to announce that more than 150,000 developers, students and professors have been trained for two years.

The second edition of the Intel AI DevCamp in India took place in Bengaluru on 7 August 2019.

Intel collaborated with Wipro Limited, National Instruments, AllGoVision and OutDU to build solutions using it’s AI technology. The AIDC conference witnessed a diverse attendance from data scientists, deep learning engineers, machine learning engineers, AI application developers, researchers and startup owners.

VP and MD of sales and marketing in Intel India Prakash Mallya said, “AI is swiftly becoming a reality for enterprises and has found applications across industries. With talent becoming a key driver of competitive advantage, India has an opportunity to tap into its existing pool of mathematicians, statisticians and programmers and nurture this talent to leverage their skills for analytics and AI.”

Intel says that the objective of AIDC is to provide AI tools to scientists, developers, analysts and engineers while showcasing the technologies and innovation happening in the industry.

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