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Tech-deprived teen can’t handle the hell of a phone-less world, uses refrigerator to Tweet


We desi kids know the feelings and pain of our phones being snatched away because our parents thought we committed the grave error of A) staying up late B) talking to boys (or girls) C) getting low marks in our exams. We’ve hidden our mobiles whenever they’ve gotten angry because they will most definitely take away our ‘preciousss’.

Well, a 15-year-old girl, Dorothy, was ‘grounded’ and her mother took away her ‘tech’ (read: smartphone) after she caused a fire (???) because she got distracted while cooking. (If I had caused a fire, however small, my mother would have taken a chappal to my arse, but that’s a story for another time.)

Looking for digital salvation.

Getting back to the other story.

Dorothy was left without a phone and she desperately needed to keep in touch with the digital world (aka Twitter).

So, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

First, this massive Ariane Grande fan found a way to tweet from her Nintendo 3DS (a portable game console), a screengrab of Ariana Grande crying (because… well, Ariane Grande fan and all that) saying, “im leaving forever. My mom took my phone. Ill miss u all sm. Im crying. Goodbye. #ACNL”

im leaving forever. my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye. #ACNL

— dorothy 🏹 (@thankunext327) August 5, 2019

Her mother saw the tweet and tweeted on her account saying, “I seen that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now.”

I seen that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now.

— dorothy 🏹 (@thankunext327) August 5, 2019

With the 3DS gone, desperater measures (I’m using that word, deal with it) were required. The resourceful teen discovered that she could tweet from her Wii U and tweeted out an image with a message for her followers – “hello. my mom took my phone and Nintendo ds soi have no choice by to use my wii. thank u all for the support and love. i will answer my dms and follow back when I have a stable connection to twitter. Bye

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