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Instagram to reportedly revamp Boomerang, roll out Layout for Stories, more


Instagram is reportedly working on rolling out a few new features for the social media platform, along with tweaks to its popular Boomerang feature, and the layout of Stories.

At the F8 2019, Instagram had first announced its plans to roll a new Story camera UI to all its users. However, today’s report comes via coder Jane Manchun Wong, who came across a few unreleased features in the backend codes of Instagram’s Android app.

Wong shared on her blog that Instagram is working on a bunch of changes to the Stories feature like new camera mode icons, improved Boomerang, and a new layout for the feature.

Stock image of Instagram. Image: Reuters

The camera mode icons will basically be different symbols and icons with different colour gradients for each mode like Focus, Layout, Music, Stopmotion, and Superzoom. These icons will apparently be a part of the “upcoming” camera UI revamp.

Reportedly, Instagram will also be soon rolling out six new modes for Boomerang. There will be:

Classic Boomerang, which we are already using;

Hold Boomerang which will pause at the end of each loop;

Dynamic Boomerang, which wiggles at the end of each loop;

Slowmo Boomerang, which will be just like the Classic Boomerang but slower;

Duo Boomerang, which will be slightly slower than the classic but not much else;

And another Duo mode, which apparently be slightly faster than the classic.

Instagram is testing a new set of Boomerang modes

I wrote a web-based interactive emulator of the new Boomerang:

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 15, 2019

Some details about the Boomerang modes currently sound a little sketchy. We will only know for sure once Instagram does roll out these features.

Additionally, Instagram will soon also be bringing Layout for Stories, which mean, users may soon have grid layouts for adding multiple pictures in the same story, Reportedly, these could be added from the camera directly or fro, the phone’s gallery. The screenshot in Wong’s blog shows six different layouts, ranging from two to six pictures in the same story.

Instagram is testing to bring Layout to Stories with a new set of grid layouts

I wrote a web-based interactive emulator of the new Layout for Stories:

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 15, 2019

Besides improvements to Stories, according to Wong, Instagram will soon allow users to share specific comments from their feed. She suggests that if and when the feature is rolled out, Instagram will add a Share option next to each comment.

Instagram is working on Comment Sharing

I wrote about this thread of unreleased features:

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 15, 2019

Wong also found that Instagram has started working on Notification Filters in the Activity tab to only show the specific category of notifications.

Instagram is working on Notifications Filter. Finally!

I wrote a blog about this unreleased feature:

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 15, 2019

Finally, Instagram is reportedly also working on bringing App and Websites settings to the app to make managing and reviewing the active and expired authorized third-party apps and websites easier.

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