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Google Pixel 4 images reportedly leaked running on the Sprint network carrier


The Google Pixel 4 is approaching its official announcement and we’re going to see many more leaks of the device in the days to come. Google had already released an official image of the back of the device showing the camera module. And now, a couple of freshly leaked images may have shown what the front of the device looks like.

Google Pixel 4. Image: Google/Twitter.

The leaked images come from Telegram via XDA, but its origin isn’t clear. Looking at the images, the device resembles the Pixel 4 based on the rear design. The device can be seen running on the Sprint network carrier in the US, indicating that it could have come from a Sprint employee according to XDA.

Google Pixel 4 leaked images. Image: XDA.

Just like Google’s official image of the Pixel 4, the rear panel doesn’t show the two-tone or composite material seen on the earlier Pixel phones. The square camera bump is also present and it can be seen packing a dual-camera setup where one of them could be a telephoto sensor.

Coming to the front of the device, there’s no notch. Along with the front-facing camera, there’s a blank space which could be housing new face unlock technology.

For what’s on the screen, XDA says that the Android 10 gesture bar is visible along with the Assistant hint handle. There’s also a new wallpaper.

The other reported rumours about the Pixel 4 include a 90 Hz refresh rate display and 6 GB of RAM.

We don’t have the exact date of the official announcement of the Pixel devices but it will surely be around the month of October.

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