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YouTube launches dedicated ‘slash fashion’ hub for fashion and beauty content


YouTube has some great news for you fashion junkies out there.

Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube now has a dedicated fashion destination which the team is apparently calling “slash fashion“. This hub, like gaming, will feature original content from some of the most famous creators in the fashion industry, including global artists like Naomi Campbell and brands like Ralph Lauren. Sections like “beauty today” will also feature prominently.

Subscribers will also be able to see live runway shows of brands like including Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Dior. Image: Reuters

Another thing that you will get to see on this channel will be “behind-the-scenes” videos from magazines like LOVE magazine, British Vogue and so on.

from 2014- 2018, channels related to beauty and fashion have grown six times. Image: YouTube

You will find sections like “Get ready with Camila Colheo” or “join Jenn Im for a Fendi fashion show in Rome”.

9.5.2019 💃

— YouTube (@YouTube) September 4, 2019

This is a way of organising all the beauty and fashion related content at one platform so that the viewer doesn’t have to waste time searching for such content.

According to YouTube, from 2014- 2018, channels related to beauty and fashion have grown six times. In 2018, the platform saw that these channels generated billions of views. Now they seem to think that the interest finally justifies the creation of a dedicated hub.

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