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YouTuber Logan Paul makes horrific comment on abortion; Twitter is furious


YouTuber Logan Paul is being slammed over an inappropriate comment that he made on YouTuber KSI during a press conference. This conference was being held in London before a boxing match.

This conversation took a wrong turn when KSI brought up the controversial video by Logan Paul at the Japanese suicide forest. (This video was watched by over 15 million viewers before being taken down by YouTube). To KSI’s comment, Paul responded saying that  “You all may not know it but JJ’s on his fifth abortion. His fifth. That’s five babies dead,”. He further continued by saying, “And I think I might return the favor. And I might kill you. I might end you. I am going to light you on fire, bro.”

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YouTuber Logan Paul.

This comment by Paul quickly went viral on Twitter and people have mixed feelings about it. Here are a few reactions from Twitter.

maybe if he watched thor: ragnarok he wouldn’t have been cancelled for the 294th time #loganpaulisoverparty

— ️‍ (@yecsanq) October 8, 2019

Trisha Paytas and Logan Paul competing to see who can be the most problematic today #LoganPaulIsOverParty

— érica (@airwreckababy) October 7, 2019

Everyone on their way to cancel Logan Paul for the millionth time #LoganPaulIsOverParty

— Precious (@smoljungkookbun) October 7, 2019

This is basically how the UK press conference went…[email protected]: says stupid [email protected] :

— blank (@iAmTheSenate200) October 7, 2019

The way yall cancel Logan Paul a million times by now and yet he still has millions of subscribers

— Precious (@smoljungkookbun) October 7, 2019

#loganpaulisoverparty what is going on? did he do something wrong again?

— agnes (@agnes50448466) October 8, 2019


— Daniel (@_mr_myself) October 8, 2019

When the fuck was he ON??? #loganpaulisoverparty

— Dylan (@DylanDylan2017) October 8, 2019

In case yall didnt get to the party sooner basically Logan made anti abortion remarks and people are mad he doesn’t respect women’s rights. But tbh, didnt we leave this fool after he filmed and laughed at a dead man’s body? So much for him being prolife #loganpaulisoverparty

— Patinia (@_Patinia_) October 8, 2019

#Loganpaulisoverparty its about time

— MazTonic (@MazTonic) October 8, 2019

While many people want to “cancel” Logan Paul for his behaviour, his fans remain loyal and continue to watch his content on YouTube.

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