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WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the rest of the internet mock Facebook’s new logo


Updated: This article was originally published on 6 November. It has been updated with WhatsApp founder Jan Koum and ex-WhatsApp chief business officer Neeraj Arora’s comments.

On 5 November, Facebook unveiled a new logo for the company in an attempt to distinguish the brand from its apps. The new logo is a simple — rather bland — all caps font, and the ‘simplicity’ has led to plenty of goofs across the internet making fun of the uninspiring font and Facebook’s rather lame attempt at a rebranding.

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter and founder and CEO of Square. Image: Reuters

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is one among the many on the platform taking a jab at the new logo. However, besides mocking the bland logo, Dorsey also seems to dunk on the way Facebook will be using the new text-only logo.

Image: Facebook

Facebook announced yesterday that it will be adding the new logo to the various services it owns, like WhatsApp and Instagram, where it will read “From FACEBOOK” at the bottom of the splash screen, essentially reminding users that Facebook owns the platform or service they are using. Facebook thinks this will fool users into loving the brand that is Facebook.



— jack (@jack) November 5, 2019

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum and ex-WhatsApp chief business officer Neeraj Arora also joined in on the fun.

courtesy @jankoum

— neeraj arora (@neerajarora) November 9, 2019

Twitter went all out in mocking the all-caps logo. Shouty caps are just anti-Gen-Z!

This is Facebook’s new corporate logo

Someone spent millions on that

— Edward Hardy (@EdwardTHardy) November 4, 2019

Facebook letting Mark Zuckerberg personally design a new logo in Word 97 was an interesting choice

— nilay patel (@reckless) November 4, 2019


Copywriter: As you’ll see, this says FACEBOOK. It’s spelled correctly, which is nice.


— An Okay Boomer (@trukelayser) November 4, 2019

This is the new Facebook logo…. it’s AWFUL

— Nick (@nicksodyssey) November 4, 2019

The Facebook logo is changing to FACEBOOK.

Wow, many different.

Such new.

— BrooklynDad_Defiant Savage! (@mmpadellan) November 4, 2019

And there was some hard-hitting mockery too.

I fixed Facebook’s new logo to better fit their brand identity.

— M. Brandon Lee | THIS IS TECH TODAY (@thisistechtoday) November 4, 2019

“Facebook announced that it’s rebranding, with a new logo that’s in all caps. Because that was everyone’s biggest complaint with Facebook – the logo.” #FallonMono #FallonTonight

— Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) November 5, 2019

Facebook has not given out any official date for the rollout of this logo, instead, it says it will be seen in the “coming weeks”. The new one, which comes at a time of great strife for the social media giant, is apparently designed for clarity “to create visual distinction between the company and app.”

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