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Wikipedia now has more than 6 million articles in English


Wikipedia has surpassed a notable milestone today: The English version of the world’s largest online encyclopedia now has over six million articles.

The feat, which comes roughly 19 years after the website was founded, is a testament of “what humans can do together,” said Ryan Merkley, Chief of Staff at Wikimedia, the non-profit organization that operates the omnipresent online encyclopedia.

The 6 millionth article is about Maria Elise Turner Lauder, a 19th-century Canadian school teacher, travel writer, and fiction writer. The article was written by Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, a long time editor of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is available in dozens of languages, but its English-language version has the most number of articles. Following English edition, which hit 5 million articles in late 2015, are German version, with about 2.3 million articles, and the French version that has about 2.1 million articles.

Over the years, Wikipedia has conducted seminars in many nations to encourage more people to become contributors in their own local languages, and has also improved its tools to make the writing, editing, and publishing processes easier.

Congratulations to English @Wikipedia for hitting the six million article mark today! The landmark page — created by @Rosiestep of @WikiWomenInRed — is a biography of Marie "Toofie" Lauder, a well-traveled and philanthropic 19th century writer:

— Wikimedia (@Wikimedia) January 23, 2020


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