New Stuff

Yesterday’s screen printing bonanza yielded some new wares: Mounted art and greeting cards. Both will be available through this website and Etsy in the very near future. In the meantime they will be at Seattle’s Portage Bay Goods.

Both designs (Bicycle and Robot), were printed in pink and green (that’s two separate print runs, not a pink/green combo). Cards are A2 size (4.25 x 5.5 inches), printed on very heavy, rough, watercolor paper. They come with an envelope. The inside is blank so you can write your own message. All that will be in a fancy little cellophane sleeve for about $5 each. The mounted pieces are printed on recycled, paper grocery bags, mounted on handmade wooden boxes. They will cost a bit more (TBD). Official product photos and all that will show up in the places named above. For now, here’s the preview. The ink wasn’t even fully dry yet, but I couldn’t resist cutting a couple of them out.

Update: The cards are now available on Etsy

Now Available at Portage Bay Goods, Seattle

If ever there was a more fitting environment for our robots and monsters, I can’t think of what it would be. No doubt they are right now enjoying the company of countless other robots, monsters, dinosaurs, kitties, birdies, glow worms and space ship captains. I picture this store coming alive at night just like in Toy Story.

The lovely ladies at Seattle’s Portage Bay Goods have graciously taken us into their fold of curated, quirky, adorable nonsense. This happens to be one of my favorite last-minuted gift-buying stops, and after perusing their website, I found that that is exactly their intent: Last minute gifts with lots of personality. Thanks for saving my bacon more than once in that regard!

They are located in Fremont, directly across the street from the often-decorated bus stop sculpture. Check ‘em out – tell them we sent you, and say “hi” to the friendly little pooch while you’re there.

Photos shamelessly stolen from Google. Thanks, Google.

I Love You Valentine’s Robots!

We just made this little I LOVE YOU robot, barely in time for Valentine’s Day orders. Enjoy a short time-lapse video (below) of how it went from the 2D design to a digital 3D mockup, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re not, you can still buy one of these amorous androids on Etsy for somebody who makes your heart go BLIP BLOP.

You Learn Something Every Day

Thanks to Morgan (Seattle) for submitting this great pic and a very short story with it. These monster/robot/squid kits were never intended to be educational, they are mostly just art or some sort of nonsense, a little puzzle or DIY sculpture at most… but even simple gluing can be educational when you’re teaching a three-year-old to count to twenty (to let the glue dry). Thanks for the pic and the thoughtful feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed building your monster.

Upcoming Product Sneak Peak

drawing of brushless motor design

I don’t suppose I’m giving away any trade secrets if I share a preliminary drawing of an upcoming product design. We’re excited about this one! You’ll see more photos and updates here as soon as they become available, probably in the following weeks, pending some testing and parts sourcing. Stay tuned or sign up for infrequent updates on our mailing list. We promise not to bug you very much.

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