Monster/Robot/Squid Kit


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Assemble this cranky little monster with glue and set him loose on your desk!

What You'll Need



These monsters are actually puzzle kits that you can easily assemble in ten minutes or so with a bit of glue. They are fun to build and always get smiles. There is one character per kit and you can choose from Monster, Robot or Squid.


They are very small and stand less than 3 inches tall. They easily fit in the palm of your hand. The front is the size of a business card. They don’t do a whole lot, but we think they are pretty great. Collect them all and amaze your friends! Well, collect them all anyway.


Monster: Furious. Likes to break things and breath fire. Whips his tail. But, really kind of a softy.

Robot: Helpful and friendly. Will do your chores. Makes random beeping noises. Emits punch-cards.

Squid: Worrisome and shy. Likes to ask permission. Pensive. Prefers his food “on the cob”. Smells of swamp gas.

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